All the waterways in your home, from the kitchen sink through to your toilet and shower, are connected by a network of drains – these are hidden from view so we often only appreciate them when they become blocked and our house’s functioning grinds to a halt!

Blocked drains can be caused by any number of issues, such as food scraps going down the kitchen plughole, pipes that are not properly aligned and connected, excessive use of toilet rolls or even tree roots. When drains are blocked, many if not all of the water sources in the home can malfunction, causing not just inconvenience and frustration, but potentially home damage too.

In these situations it is crucial to have an experienced plumber on call you can trust to arrive promptly and get the job right, and with efficiency. The All-Star Plumbing & Drainage team have the skills and expertise to bust blockages and have your home’s water systems running at optimum level as quickly as possible.

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